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Columbus Bachelorettes is an organization created to not only help women find their beauty and strength, but to let it shine! We are here to help you pick yourself up when difficulties arise. We are here to be there when you feel rejected, lonely, discouraged or apathetic. We know that you are a phenomenal woman and we are here to remind you about it when you forget!


Perhaps the most invaluable service we provide to our network is a strong sense of unwavering sisterhood. With the Columbus Bachelorettes, ladies come first! Our sense of community is completely organic. Empathy, patience, open-mindedness and a shared desire for a good time – all of these characteristics make up our organization. Get involved today & feel the love!

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Local Events

Looking for a break from the weekly work grind? Need a new network of friends to hit the town with? We have a complete calendar of events dedicated to bringing members together and helping each woman experience something new! Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer its single ladies. Hop on board & never be bored again!

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Singles Parties

“Single” doesn’t have to mean “alone!” We’ve got a ton of local singles events in Columbus, Ohio to keep you out there and having fun! Pre-dating? Speed-dating? Casual hangouts? You can check the pressure and intimidation at the door when you know your ladies have got your back every step of the way. Shake off the dust and get movin’ today!

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The Columbus Bachelorettes Credo


I am the Soldier of the Army of All Women. I fight for you and you fight for me.

I support you and you support me. I accept you and you accept me.

I know the real you and I love you anyway.

I love myself. Love is the purpose and meaning of all life.

I love you and you love me.

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